I get a kick out of some of the phobias that are listed as legitimate fears.

Here is a sample of a few of my favorites:

Globophobia – the fear of balloons (no known clowns have this)

Vehophobia – the fear of driving (wish a few more people had this one)

Koumpounphobia – the fear of buttons (if you’re afraid of elevators this gives you another reason to steer clear of them)

Pogonphobia – the fear of beards (Pastor Andrew and I are considering shaving)

While there are a lot of fears in our society there is one fear that has plagued humans since creation. The fear of being alone (monophobia if your were wondering.)

Adam was invited to have a front row seat to the greatest parade of animals ever seen. God marched animals in front of Adam so he could assign names to each of them. Following this grand display of creativity and beauty, God made this statement: “It is not good for man to be alone”. (Genesis 2:18)

That sentiment from God still rings true for us, “it is not good for us to be alone”. Actually there is proof for Christ followers that once again shows God’s words of wisdom to be so true.

A recent study conducted by Lifeway and Thom Rainer showed that if a person is not connected to a group in their church, they are 15 times more likely to leave that church.

I want to encourage you not to do life alone at Grace. We have several small groups; you can find the leaders and the times they meet in the hallway by the main office as you are heading into the gym. We offer men’s and women’s studies, a Sunday morning discipleship class for adults and one for Jr. and Sr. High students as well.

We also offer opportunities for connection through our ministries such as Camp Grace, GSM, Awana, Mahomet Helping Hands, Work Days, Harvest Party, Back to School Night etc…

Connection is so important to growth in your walk with Christ, but just as Pastor Andrew shared on Sunday, “we need you to know how important you are to us.”

My prayer for those who attend Grace is that we would be open to developing relationships with others in this body because we were never meant to do life alone.

Mike Case

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