Small Groups

The mission of Grace Church is to Love God, love people, reach the lost and make disciples of Jesus Christ. A significant way we fulfill this mission is through our small groups.

A vital aspect of living out our faith is being a church of small groups; the theology of our small groups is simple: Build a community to reach a community.  The early church balanced the joy of small and large gatherings and like them we see tremendous value in both opportunities.

Here at Grace we believe transformation is best manifested through authentic community.  Small groups are in and of themselves “authentic communities,” but are also the means by which the entirety of the church becomes an authentic community. We really do believe that life change happens within the context of intentional relationships, and since our mission as a church centers on life change, a central emphasis and focus on small groups is vital.

Our small groups offer a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ through loving and authentic relationships.  Small groups meet on various days and strive to balance time in God’s word, fellowship and service; we are doing life together. If you desire to move from the crowd to the core, a small group is essential.

Here are the following ways one can get involved:

1. Attend a small group.

2. Host a small group.

3. Facilitate a small group.

If you are interested in attending, hosting and/or facilitating a small group or would like more information, please email

A small group coordinator will get back to you asap.