Our Small Group Coordinators

Our coordinators will help bridge the communication between you and the church. That is, they will act as a sort of “mentor” for the small groups. So let’s meet our coordinators!

 Jay&BethJay and Beth Norton: We are excited to step into the small ministry here at Grace. Our passion is to build community  through small groups as well as expand the vision of small groups here at Grace Church.  We have led small groups for many years as well as encouraged and mentored small group leaders.  We have also had the privilege of working directly with Jim Egli, a forerunner in small group research, trends  and training in the US.  We look forward to seeing how God will use the ministry of small groups to expand  and further His kingdom in the Mahomet area.


For more information contact us at smallgroups@gracemahomet.org

Small Group Leaders:  Please fill out your small group report here – SMALL GROUP REPORT