Small Group Leaders

We truly believe that all members of Grace are ministers (not just the paid staff) and small groups are an important way to live that out. Through small groups we build a community to reach a community.

Small group leaders facilitate the gather of families away from Sunday morning.  It’s imperative that we gather in pews (assembling together in worship) as well as in circles (small groups) to fellowship as the church within our homes.  Go to the small groups page to learn more.

Our current Small Group Leaders are:

Bill and Vicki Craig

Brett and Stephanie Bean

Sheryl Rounds

Chet and Dianne Fall

Del and Sandi Seiber

Dennis and Norma Cox

Dave and Dianne Guth

Eric Nurmi

Jay and Beth Norton

Jason and Chenoa Kuster

Kent and Tina Rausch

Mike and Kristi Ross

Nate and Cassie Bestor