Grace Kids

1st – 5th Grade
dismissed from OUR 9:30 AM Worship Gathering

Vision & Mission

In Grace Kids we provide a safe environment where children will dig into the vision and mission of Grace: Building a community to reach a community by Loving God, Loving people, reaching the lost and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Grace Kids Ministry

The goal is for children to continue to know God’s message of love and redemption as given to us in the Bible.

All instruction learned during Grace Kids is sent home to partner with parents to reinforce the weekly lessons.

Children are dismissed from our worship gathering. After service, Parents/Guardians pick up their children in the Grace Kids room, which is located to the east of the gym.

Parent Resources

GraceKids curriculum is based on a three-year cycle.

Year One: The Bible and the Old Testament.

  • Bible Organization
  • Creation – Judges
  • Kingdoms of Israel through Exile and Return
  • Poets and Prophets

Year Two: The Gospels and Life of Jesus.

  • Birth of Jesus through Disciples
  • Teaching and Miracles
  • Testimonies about Jesus
  • Jesus Last Week and Resurrection
  • The Apostles Creed.

Year Three: The Acts of the Apostles and Letters

  • Ascension to Pentecost
  • Ministry of Peter
  • Pauls Mission Trips
  • Fruits of Spirit
  • Armor of God

We cover one year at a time. In 6 years of attendance, we cover each year twice. The goal is to provide a robust framework of knowledge linking scripture, geography, and history to the plan of God displayed in the Bible. Inspiring the natural questions as they age for knowing God and the salvation from sins offered by Jesus Christ.

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